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How Cold Laser Works

Painless Therapy with Cold Laser

What to Expect

Treatment with the ML830 cold laser is completely painless. There are no electrical pulses or feeling of heat during the treatment. Less than 5% of patients have ever reported feeling anything at all during therapy, and they only report feeling of slight warmth or slight stimulation of nerves, no discomfort at all.

Treatment consists of several brief sessions, lasting a couple of minutes to about five minutes per whole body part on average.  Most people experience immediate improvement after just their first treatment.  Conditions that are more chronic and long standing, can sometimes take several more treatments

How Does it Work

Cold lasers supply energy to the body in the form of non-thermal photons of light, (that is why they are called “Cold Lasers”, because they don’t produce any heat).
The light waves penetrate deeply into the tissue and promote what’s called photobiostimulation.  This promotes a speedier healing process by increasing cellular metabolism, increasing blood flow, reduce inflammation and edema, accelerating cell repair, and reducing pain. 
Basically, cold laser therapy accelerates your body’s own normal healing response.